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Meet Archie, my new family member.

We'll be following Archie's adventures as he grows and explores the world around him.  There will be plenty of mischief and lessons along the way and we will give you fact sheets and information to help anyone considering raising a puppy.

Hope you enjoy watching Archie grow up

Worming your puppy


It’s pretty likely that at some stage a young dog will pick up worms – either from their mother, their litter mates or just by exploring the great new world them. This is just a normal part of growing up. Even adult dogs can pick up worms when they socialize with other dogs in the park. Worms can cause ill health in adult dogs and even death in puppies as their immune systems are not yet sufficiently developed to cope with a worm burden.
With the exception of tapeworm, adult dog worms can’t be transmitted to people. However the larva from worm eggs can migrate in the skin and organs of children and cause a rare condition called visceral larval migrans which can lead to blindness. Young children and toddlers are particularly vulnerable as they love to cuddle and kiss dogs and dogs often lick their faces. Unfortunately worm eggs can be swallowed in the process and that is how infection begins.
While it is quite upsetting to think that your beloved pooch is infected with worms, it is easy to make sure your dog and family are safe by maintaining a regular worming program. Puppies should be wormed every fortnight until 3 months, then monthly for the next 3 months. After reaching 6 months of age, worming every 3 months is usually fine.
Worming used to be a nightmare - trying to force a bad tasting tablet down any dog’s throat is not my idea of fun! But now (thank goodness) there is a chewable Drontal tablet that takes all the hassle out of worming. Toby thinks it’s a treat, which makes it is easy to get him into a worming routine.
There are other products such as Advocate which protect against intestinal worms, fleas, heartworm, lice and mites. A monthly application will kill adult, immature and larval stages of worms. This effectively breaks the worm’s life cycle by eliminating worm eggs from the environment.
And remember:
  • always wash your hands after handling dogs
  • don’t feed raw offal to dogs
  • be sure to keep your pet’s bedding clean and
  • make sure you worm all pets in your household at the same time - cats included

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